Please be nice to me.

Anonymous asked: When you're back will you draw lots of pictures for us hardcore fans?;.; we well miss seeing your art updates so much

Oh yes ofcourse!!!!

Anonymous asked: Oh god that picture of meri and peter- I'm just shvskhvskshv


Anonymous asked: I'm so confused!! I always viewed meri as a male, have I been wrong by doing so? I see that many people are using "her" in reference to meri

Meri is ftm, but fairly genderfluid as i let people decide what gender they see hir as. If you see hir as male thats perfectly fine! :)

Anonymous asked: I'm a little confused then since the ref says he's FTM :0

Meri started out as female, then transitioned to male (had surgery). So s/he has male parts now. You may see hir being refered to as a he or she because i often let people decide what gender they think she is as It makes no difference to me. Hope that helps~

Anonymous asked: What do meri's genitals look like if he's ftm?

Well Meri has male parts, if thats what your asking~ :)

Anonymous asked: Hey!! What type of markers do you color with?

Hei there! I usually use Prismacolor brush markers! Hope that helps :)